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My name is Wes and welcome to EverydayBattle.com.

Ankylosing spondylitis is a rare form of arthritis that affects millions around the globe on a daily basis. This disease can attack with intensity one day and then seemingly disappear the next. For victims of AS, every day is an unpredictable battle.

Through this site, I aim to help you in your everyday battle with this debilitating disease. It’s my genuine belief that the best weapon against ankylosing spondylitis is knowledge – a realistic understanding of where this disease comes from, how it functions and how to fight it.

Just remember: you don’t have to fight your everyday battle with anylosing spondylitis alone.

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  1. Hi Wes when I first ran across your website I think that was yesterday it was somehow linked with LinkedIn so when you sent me a promo To win a roller (meld method) I was elated.. I had watched her on a local news segment when I was living back home in Denver I think way back in like 2007 or 2008 at the time I don’t think I could find anyone that taught it .. but I just moved to Tx from Miami and I found a couple of ladies that were teaching the class in miami but they said everything was done on the floor!! so that can’t work for me here’s my story I didn’t know I had A.S. at that time I was already disabled. But with wrong diagnosis for 12 years. but just hearing what she did way different method that what physical therapists out there doing talking about with the connective tissues I knew it would help me the problem is I literally can’t get UP off the floor NOR can I get UP out of a bathtub haven’t been able to for 15 long years. It’s called progression… I really did think I was going crazy I’m like why the f can’t I get up out of the God dang bathtub what’s wrong with me ??and NO I’m not a fat person.. come to find out it’s called progression.. but the roller I could definitely use up on my bed incorporate in my stretching exercises I also try( but since I moved to the lovely state of Texas the pain doctor doesn’t want to prescribe what I’ve been taking for quite some time that really works well for me.. no hell no it doesn’t take away all the pain it makes it bearable so that I can function it manages it pretty well. Better quality of life also helps with the extreme fatigue that I’ve always had I just used to think everybody was that way I’m so stupid LOL but anyway since pains not being managed like it was I haven’t been up to being able to go do the swimming routine really much freaking anything but that’s beside the point too) back to my story the swimming do 30 minutes of stretching in a heated pool followed by laps I don’t know that I’m doing those right I am a self-taught swimmer all my life did high impact aerobics and Jazzercise I was very active always had jobs where I moved around a lot so that actually helped me to I always practiced really good posture could not sleep on a pillow unless it was paper thin flat as a pancake!! the only way I could sleep was on my spine.. come to find out all the things to do actually help with Spondylitis!! Things that are known to help with not progressing as fast or maybe not at all ..Minus the high-impact aerobics I should have been doing low impact … point is I was doing all these things I just didn’t even know it!!! I would actually have to take my pancake thin pillow when me and my ex husband would go stay at a motel or friend’s house because those big fluffy pillows or those big ass hard pillows I could not sleep. it’s almost like they caused pain for me my husband would make fun of the way I’d have to tote around my pillow everywhere we went to stay LOL I actually think I started deforming without knowing it about probably 12 or more years BEFORE I had to stop working in 2002 (after 1st fracture lumbar) cuz I was starting to have a lot of pain way more often but it wasn’t my whole entire spine and both shoulders.. YET but I remember thinking why am I using a bigger higher pillow I could never stand anything but a pancake thin pillow.. but I also remember the pancake thin pillow became very uncomfortable and caused a lot of neck pain when it was the opposite for so many years from the time I was twelve yrs old!! so now looking back I know I started deforming then anyway getting off point ..BUT all of those things is probably why I didn’t progress for so many years!!!My onset was AGE 12 started with tailbone pain that would come and go by the time I was 17 the middle of my spine was doing the same thing I am very deformed very progressed I was diagnosed for 12 years 2002 to 2013 at that point with fibromyalgia which I knew I did NOT HAVE.. and mechanical back problems that caused the pain.. I became disabled at only 46 freaking years old because I had a fracture I kept telling those idiot doctors in Ms.that my back was broken they just thought I was a crazy person that’s the difference between men and women sometimes when they can’t find what’s wrong with you we get accused of being overly emotional or imagining our pain this kind of BS anyway for some stupid reason they took every kind of film they could did not see my fracture.. they did believe I was having pain from mechanical back issues and when I look back I have all my films clear back to 2002 and the printouts I mean they talk about severe facet disease that has everything to do with spondylitis that isn’t mechanical so much more.. and then just one more example like my very first x-ray in 2002 I went to the emergency room cuz I knew I broke my back I felt it happen but the print out on my neck showed a bunch of crap and it said sclerosis and I said to the doctor I said what does sclerosis mean he’s like oh it just means hardness!! that has everything to do with Spondylitis too I mean OMG when I moved home to Co. eight years later fracture was there plain as Day on on the film but by then nothing could be done so I had constant throbbing 24/7 for 13 years straight in that one spot I mean that was separate from the constant pain throughout my whole spine and both shoulders okay I finally had radio wave albation that helped with that constant throbbing at least. I had wanted that procedure done since 2004 when I found out my neighbor’s mom had a broken back for 20 years her back throbbed nobody saw her fractured either and when they finally did she got that procedure done it took away that constant throbbing to. She of course doesn’t have Spondylitis so that took care of her pain issue totally with her spine … but 20 years the woman took pain medicine 20 years that could have been avoided had somebody saw her fracture … she was robbed of 20 years not being able to do anything at all… sorry if I sound really down on doctors because I am .. the point of making with her that was her only problem for 20 years that constant throbbing she didn’t have any other back issues or any inflammatory disease poor thing .. anyway I kept doing research because it just didn’t make sense I finally figured it out by putting one simple paragraph in one of my many MRIs It was talking about edema being in my lumbar.. and that’s another thing I could never get dr’s to take films of the SI joints and pelvic I would say to doctors like you know I tried to bring up my old tailbone pain doctor said oh why you tell me about some old tailbone pain then that same idiot Dr I said shouldn’t you be taking films of underneath my lumbar I didn’t know what it was called at the time I said you know the pain is also coming from there. Again their reply would be o pain rarely comes from there!! I would tell them how I would go to sleep if I could even get to sleep and I’d have to stuff pillows behind my spine because if I ended up with those pillows coming out and I ended up asleep on my spine I’d be sound asleep but the screaming would wake me up and alert me to the fact that I was totally frozen in that position it was excruciating and I literally it seem like it took me an hour to inch my way out of that position and they just look at me like I was a crazy person I told doctor after doctor after doctor about that that I constantly had and still have to this day it was just one idea every idea I had was shot down by doctors idiot Dr’s..but putting in that one paragraph i two things that came up Dish and spondylitis and through Nass and Spondylitis Association of America that led me to a world-renowned rheumatologist who writes for the Spondylitis Association of America who eats breaths and sleeps it .. it was a one-day study he diagnosed me halfway through was supposed to last 4 hours mine lasted over 6 hours excruciating but I welcomed it at the same time my MRI was not read till about 3 months later and I think that’s very interesting because all the films I’ve had done in 4 different states it makes a huge difference who’s reading them where you have them done I’ve always known this and it was confirmed when my MRI from that researcher wasn’t read till months later because he only lets one radiologist read the films for as he specially trained in it and he was out of the country so that’s interesting isn’t it !!!??? from there the rest is history as they say that was in 2013.. but like I told him Only One Thing that made me think I DIDN’T HAVE it was because everything I read talked about FLARES.. and I told him t I said my pain and locked up WHOLE ENTIRE SPINE and BOTH SHOULDERS I said came and hasn’t gone anywhere at that point it was 12 years straight… He looks me in straight in the eye and he said and I quote: Hun that’s the meaning of progression… and I said oh okay I get it now…. so I really didn’t do a whole lot of research till after I was actually diagnosed because over the years I thought I had Ms some other things and I had been to a rheumatologist prior she handed me her hundred and fifty pages of fibromyalgia like I never heard that before LOL that was ONE of my 4 questions to him.. and I was not leaving till I got those four questions answered so that I would have fuel going forward in case I ran across more crappy rheumatologist and drs.period..also I told him that I told him why doctors kept coming up with fibromyalgia and it’s that little exam they do with their hands on your spine .. it’s the only way to diagnose fibromyalgia…that I know of personally I don’t think it exists I think those poor people have other things just like I did they just don’t know it I think it’s a waste paper diagnosis that’s just my personal opinion… and I’m entitled to my own opinion but I’m sure many people out there diagnosed with fibromyalgia would totally disagree with me.. I think this only happens to women but anyway… it’s just that I have never heard of a man being diagnosed with fibromyalgia it always is women… he told me what they were really feeling is known as HOT SPOTS for spondylitis NOT tender spots for fibromyalgia they’ve just not trained in it well enough to know the difference !!! And yes that includes some rheumatologist to believe it or not.. the other thing early on in Mississippi you can’t go to a rheumatologist unless you have a referral I never could get one because my blood markers were normal nine times out of 10 that was my other important question for him I told him exactly that and he said that your Spondylitis can be 100% active and the blood markers are normal he said they haven’t figured that out yet but they’re working on it LOL I learned so much from that man in over 6 hours it was unbelievable unfortunately he’s not my rheumatologist.. he hasn’t taken new patients for many years he was the most thorough doctor I’ve ever had in my life the reason it took so long I’m 60 years old he wanted to know every ear infection every cold from the time I was little I wasn’t expecting that so I really had to Rack my brain you know what I mean I mean that’s a lot of history.. the study it started with a 50 Q&A and with each freaking sentence I felt like just yelling out that’s exactly what it’s like that’s exactly what it’s like each questions like Are you able to get up out of a bathtub OMG I knew at that point I wasn’t crazy after all . Another example are you able to do more than 4 stairs again OMG question after question I just felt like busting out in tears . Just screaming out my answers out loud because I knew right then I had finally found what was really wrong and had been wrong this whole freaking time you know all throughout my twenties thirties and early forties I would go to chiropractors off and on but like I said I was so active I think I had it very mild for a very very long time because I had such an active lifestyle I never was a person that sat around much. When I wasn’t working my butt off literally we had boats & motorcycles so you know when we weren’t working we were out doing that kind of crap and always worked out always so it makes a difference!!! But it also makes a difference how early you progressed I mean I’ve read where some people are in a wheelchair by the time they’re 25 years old and living in a freaking nursing home so as we know everybody’s different but I’m just trying to say to you I hope you never progressed to it being constant because it doesn’t reverse and you don’t have a whole lot of options … you know looking back like when I was 32 is all gotten a little motorcycle wreck with my ex-husband it wasn’t a bad wreck but they took films on my spine man I wish I had those films but I’ve tried there’s no way to get ahold of them anyway this was the first time that’s this happened so I’m sitting in the examining room waiting for the doctor to come in right and he comes in and I’m sitting there in the chair he comes in and pulls up a chair and keeps looking at I guess the printouts to my spine and then he kept looking keeps looking at his watch and I’m sitting there thinking okay is this guy going to start talking to me you know and he starts looking at his watch between looking at the printouts and then he says to me did the patient have to use the restroom or something ? I’m like I’m the patient what are you talking about? Or something to that effect and he does this like double-take and he said oh well I expected to come in here and find somebody in their late eighties!!! I like chuckled kind of and I said why is that??? And he said well we don’t see this kind of issues or degeneration something like that in somebody your age it’s usually somebody much older like their late eighties… and I said well why is that?? what are you talking about?? and he just like kept looking at me in disbelief and kept shaking his head and said I can’t explain why that is.. he said I wish I had an answer for you but I don’t and then not much more was said. Except for he didn’t think I needed any kind of surgery and then that was it that was that.. that was the first time that happened and the second time I had started working at a huge Casino Resort in Mississippi and my primary care doctor said the exact same thing to me. and I’m like look you’re the second Doctor Who’s told me that what the hell is going on and he said the same thing he couldn’t explain it he didn’t know why!! But he tried to get me to quit work and that just wasn’t an option but I ended up getting fired anyway I tried to go back to work three times within that first year I just wasn’t able to do it the pain was so intense I’d have to go try and find a place to lay down that’s not an option at work just for like 15 minutes just to get up and move around again just to do it all over again it’s been a hell of a 15 years I’ll tell you that man this progression shit is no fun I guess I’m telling you all this because if somebody else can learn from this if somebody else can say I’ve been having those symptoms or I have to use a flat pillow etc etc maybe it will help somebody else out there to get a faster diagnosis because from your bio you definitely have not progressed yet and I certainly hope you never go on to progress I don’t know if you’re taking biologics or not but you know hun they are known to help with the progression of this disease because I’ll say it again once you progressed it does not go backwards.. I know that you know that but it’s a lot different when it actually happens then what you think in your mind.. I’ve tried anything and everything from natural like tumeric with fish oil and Devil’s claw I mean anything and everything I’ve done it 15 years because I just keep looking for ways that I can relieve this excruciating pain constant 24/7 never get a break from it!!!! And I wish it was mechanical then I would get a break from it now and then!!! I tried 3 different TFN blockers failed with all three for different reasons and at my request I’m trying to il-17 drug cosentyx so far not doing a damn thing wish me luck.. what scares me and what I think is going to be my demise it’s the way these fractures keep moving up my spine and if I get one in the right or wrong place in my neck that’s curtains there was a guy after I was diagnosed my same exact age when I was 57 just three years ago this was over in the UK on the NASS website his progression was almost identical to mine getting fractures and and just like me it doesn’t take any trauma I get just from walking just from stepping into a Piece of uneven ground or something. It doesn’t take a fall it doesn’t take any kind of trauma just like that first one in my spine. anyway got a fracture in his neck was paralyzed from the neck down.. I kept trying to follow up on what happened to him never heard what happened to him.. there was no follow-up story about him I never found out what happened to him you know they just had our prayers and thoughts are with him and we’ll follow up but there was no follow-up. I know that’s being a little dark and I’m not trying to scare anyone or myself but I just kind of thinkI don’t know I don’t really like to think about it. Kind of always stays in the back of my mind way in the back of my mind… I do get rather irritated that there’s not more literature out there symptoms and people that are progressed of what we go through on a daily basis and how it’s not just in your SI joints and your lumbar and so doctors don’t really get its sense of that either because let’s face it they’re used to seeing people that still have flares… and I’ve talked and met a few other people that have progressed like me they’re usually older like me but not always sometimes their young to and they feel the same way… but thank you so much for starting this site and my prayer and my very best wish for you is that you never go on to progress any farther.. it’s hell enough what you already go through but hopefully you’ll never go on to progress hey half the battle is knowing what you have at a much earlier age.. the TFN blocker are known to slow progression.. you know one other thing that a researcher told me he told me that methotrexate has been proven to do nothing for the progression in as and do as nothing for A.S period.. but yet look at all the rheumatologist who want to prescribe it for as patients there is so much more especially here in the United States that needs to be brought about about awareness and that includes a lot of rheumatologist unfortunately.
    I mean look at the UK Nass has what like 98 Spondylitis Center equipped with a physiotherapist full-time a workout room and a heated pool and only people with spondyloarthropathies are allowed to go to the spa like Center how many do we have here in the United States that would be a big fat zero.. and the only Rheumatology Center in a hospital in the United States that I know of Maybe I’m Wrong ..that actually has A separate Spondylitis Center within that Rheumatology Department is in San Francisco.. well sorry this is so long and drawn-out Probably sounds like I’m whining but I’m really just trying to get some points across that maybe can help somebody else hopefully by telling my story and believe me that’s not all of it but these are some of the key points.Thanks! PS I hope I win that pillow I’ve been wanting one of those roller pillows ever since I saw her talking about the Melt method on that TV segment LOL